You may have already explored using portable air conditioners to cool your home. If you are considering the purchase of this type of unit, you can decide whether you want to install it yourself, or have a specialist perform the installation for you. For self installation, there are some factors that you must consider.

Routing the ventilation hose
A portable air conditioner hose is required for these units, although they are easy to move between locations. This is necessary to prevent hot air which is taken in from the unit, from exiting out the back while the cold air is blowing out at the front. It would only be the area in front of the unit that would feel colder, if there was no way for the hot air to escape out of the room, and the temperature in the room wouldn’t get cooler overall.

The best way to channel the hot air out, is through a window or a ceiling panel, with false ceiling panels being the most ideal and easiest to work with. The panels only need to be taken out, a circular hole created and then the hose and fitting are added. After this the panels can be replaced. The vent can also be drilled into any wall inside or outside, if your ceiling doesn’t provide sufficient ventilation. There should never be anything obstructing the intake or outtake vents, as they are important for the efficient operation of the unit. If there is an object there, it could be drawn up against the vents and result in blockage.

Many larger units required special electric wiring for installation in server rooms,up until recently. The units needed power to operate, that could not be effectively harnessed by using a standard plug. There are however some units that can now use standard electrical plugs, such as those with higher BTUs. Beware of using an extension cord with the portable air conditioner, as this is a potentially serious fire hazard. You need to determine the distance between where you want to place the unit, and the length of the cord on the unit, before you make the final decision to purchase.

Your unit should not require maintenance for quite a long time. You should ensure that the vents are checked on occasion, so that they will remain free from any debris that can cause blockage. Also use canned air to spray out any dust, that has accumulated in the unit. You may need to change air filters about twice per year, if you are located in a very dusty area.

An HVAC or portable air conditioner specialist should be contacted immediately, if you do experience decreased efficiency. These units provide solutions for server rooms, where the ability to independently control the temperature from the other areas, using the central air system is not possible. The units are an economical solution for the effective cooling of server rooms, once they are properly installed and maintained at regular intervals.

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