To fully grasp where the leak comes from, it’s first important to comprehend the way your refrigerator works. Though the water leak indicates your coils are thawing, it’s still true that you have to have your air-conditioning system looked at immediately, to resolve the reason for the problem and avert damage to your system. Having water leak into your walls or ceiling can be a frightening experience and it’s a problem that should be fixed quickly.

evaporator coil drain pan leak

You should replace the pan after possible. So, you’ll certainly have to replace the pan. In the event the drain pan is rusted it is going to want to get replaced. In the event the drain pan is damaged, it might be draining the water too quickly, which is the reason for the water buildup in the base of the fridge.

There are other possible causes of leaks too. In the event the leak is too severe, you might have to replace the whole AC unit. If you see an AC leak in your residence or office, our experts at Bertie Heating and Air Conditioning are here to assist.

Most Noticeable Evaporator Coil Drain Pan Leak

Begin by viewing the drain pan if you believe you own a leak. Quite simply, if you see a leak, call an HVAC company. Refrigerant leaks are serious company, and they’re able to cause severe damage to your system if permitted to persist. You’ll have to have an East Bay ac specialist locate and fix the refrigerant leak.