Living in Las Vegas

Here are 5 tips to find a good HVAC repairman contractor:

1. Ask company how they pay their technicians-If a company pays a commission instead of just an hourly rate then that can incentivize technicians to add unnecessary costs to your bill so that they can increase their commission

2. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any of the companies you have been looking at have major complaint issues, see their reviews, and see how long they have been in business

3. Certain states and local regions have specific accreditation requirements. Ask the company what qualifications are required and if their repairmen are all certified

4. Make sure that the company has a physical office that you can go to in person in case there is some kind of issue after the work has been completed. A business without an office will obviously be much harder to find if there is a problem, and could cost you more money

5. Use your intuition to get a feel for the company’s level of service. Ask them a question about the contract (even if you already know the answer) to see if they will explain it to you clearly and patiently. Make sure they give you a definite time frame for when they will come to do the repair. Make sure they take payments via credit card instead of cash only payments.

Having a good HVAC repairman company can be critical in a situation where you need to have a repair done at your home. Especially living in Las Vegas when the whether can be incredibly hot in the summer and very cold in the winter time. A reputable and honest HVAC contractor can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and help protect you from the risk of being scammed while living in Las Vegas.